Click here to download membership form as a pdf file, or here to download it as a Word file. 

The yearly membership fee is DKK 210. For pregraduate students we offer
membership for DKK 110 only.
As a DSP member you will be included in our listserve e-mail, where useful
information is regularly sent out by our secretary. Members also get direct
invitations for the annual Spring Symposium and the Christmas meeting -
two traditional DSP events.
Finally, as a member you get a full vote at our yearly General Assembly.
DSP also offers an honorary membership for distinguished
parasitologists. Honorary memberships are awarded only upon a written
nomination submitted to the General Assembly by a DSP member. Honorary
memberships are life-long and free of any charges, including membership
fee as well as registration fees for DSP events such as the Spring
Symposium and the Christmas Meeting.