Denmark has a long history of Parasitology that you may read more about in the historical section of this home page. We do, however, look more forward than backward and we are proud to represent a large number of outstanding research groups and individual scientists among our more than 100 members. Parasitology and Aquatic Diseases is a merge of Danish Centre for Experimental Parasitology, the DBL Institute for Health Research and Development and section for Fish Diseases and are the key player in parasitology at the Department for Veterinary Disease Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. At the same faculty, Centre for Medical Parasitology is one of the largest malaria research groups in Europe and an international key player in vaccine development. The Parasitology Laboratory at Statens Serum Institute has a long history of ground breaking toxoplasmosis research and recently also research in intestinal protozoal infections. Several other groups including the National Veterinary Institute at the Danish Technical University are represented in our membership, thus spanning a wide range of challenges to parasitology in the 21st century: Human and veterinary medicine, zoonoses, public health, vaccinology, technology development etc. Please check all the relevant home pages via our links.

DSP serves as a networking opportunity for professionals and students involved with Parasitology in Denmark including research, education, control and management of parasitic diseases. The annual highlight is the Spring Symposium in March, jointly organised with the Danish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health. In addition DSP organises smaller meetings and advertises arrangements in Denmark as well as the major international events of relevance to Parasitology. Please contact our secretary if you wish to inform the members about upcoming events.

We hope you will be interested in joining our society or collaborate with our members. Welcome to our world of Danish Parasitology.