Spring Symposium

Danish Society for Parasitology (DSP) 

Past Year & Theme
2021 – DSP Spring Symposium 2021

2020 – Canceled due to Covid-19

2019 “Microbiota in host-parasite interaction”  
2018 “Parasites shape the host”  
2017 “Host parasite communication”  
2016 “Surprising discoveries by cross-disciplinary approaches” 
2015 “Emerging and reemerging parasitic diseases in Europe”
2014  “Parasites in an ever changing world”
2013  “Nature of parasitisme”
2012 “Double burden of disease – how parasites interact with each other, their host and the society”
2011  “Prevention and chemotherapy of parasitic diseases”
2010  “Parasites and Evolution”
2009 “Global aspects of parasitology”
2008 “Parasite Vaccines and Immunomodulation”
2007 “Integrated Parasite Control”
2006 “Advances in Diagnostic Parasitology”
2005 “Disease mechanisms of parasite infections”
2004 “Immunity to parasites”
2003 “Applicability of parasitological research – from the bench to the field”
2002 “Principles for treatment and resistance problems dealing with parasitic diseases”
2001 “Vectors & vector-borne diseases”
2000 “Parasitology crossing borders – Professor Peter Nansen in memoriam”
1999 “Research in parasitology and tropical medicine in Denmark”
1998 “Parasitology Today”
1997 “Bloodborne protozoan infections”
1996 “Zoonoses”
1995 “Leishmaniasis and Trypanosomiasis”
1994 “Nutrition and Parasitism”
1993 “Parasites and the allergic inflammation”
1992 “Anti-parasite drugs”
1991  “Vector borne diseases and sustainable development”